Rustic Brick Pavers - N2N Virtual
Webdesign implementation

Rustic Brick Pavers

Rustic Brick Pavers would like to make the site more presentable for their market segment and they hired us to develop it with a more modern look. We did all coding and content in the Wix platform.

The challenges

The client already had a website and would identify all users from there.

The customer also want to create a pretty design to their market and make it able to be accessed by smartphones and tables.

Setup all SEO settings from Wix

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The solution

To identify all user as the client requested, first we install the chat plugin to make the first contact with the website. Second we created a contact form to share all messages made from the website and redirect all those messages to more than one mailbox.

We redesign all pages to make the website more pretty to their market segment. We created 2 version of the website, one for desktop and other one for mobile devices.

We setup all settings necessary to make the website more reachable from organic searches like Google and Bling.


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