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Bauducco would like to run a thanksgiving campaign in Times Square NY. The marketing agency prepare the content that needs a software to send the message to Times Square panels. We develop the software and follow all the work that make a lot of people cry of emotion. The videos of the campaign were visualized form more than 900,000 people.

The challenges

The customer needed to do the software in a short space of time because the Thanksgiving holiday was arriving.

As the project would pass in Times Square, we couldn’t test it on the real place it would go.

The velocity of communication between the software and database needed to be really fast, because in the minutes people were talking, the software needed to send the info to Times Square panels.

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The solution

We have to implement a lot of tests, work with the best and high experienced professionals of our team to guarantee the project time, quality and velocity of database and software.

We have used .Net and SQL Server as technologies in this project.




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